Our Story

How it all started...

In August of 2014, a small group of people moved from Atlanta, Kansas City, and South Carolina to lock arms with a few people already on the ground in Miami. That core team was united by an idea...the gospel changes people and people change the world.
That idea would collide with the variety of communities represented in Miami, and the various changes and challenges in our city, nation, and world to create a single dominating vision, growing a people from all people passionate for God.

Our beliefs

Through the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Gospel, God invites people to
experience shalom or wholeness. To have the complexity found in all of our lives fit
together as God intended is an offer God places on the table; it is an offer He attaches to
relationship with Him; it is an offer He attaches to relationships with others; it is an offer
that is experienced the more connected we are to the family of God.

be with jesus. Become like jesus. change the world.

Our vision is to grow a people from all people passionate for God. As we progress in its fulfillment, we believe that we will see a flourishing people. A people changed by the gospel. A people experiencing life as it was intended with God at its center and with joy, purpose, meaning, and depth in their midst.

As we progress in its fulfillment, we believe we will see a better Miami. A Miami where everyone who lives, works, and plays in our city can encounter the God who loves our city. This better Miami will come to be one neighborhood at a time, one neighbor at a time, with one encounter of grace at a time. How we believe we will get there, how we believe we will accomplish it, is as people be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and change the world.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 11 am.