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One of the bigger questions of our lives is how do I live the best life I possibly can?  In our epoch there are many who offer prescriptions on their answer to this question. However, we believe that Jesus provides the only answer to this question by modeling Him. Join us as we look at Jesus points us to a better way to be Human.

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Discover how God has been speaking to us through His Word and our pastors by diving into one of our previous sermon series or sermons. We hope that lead you to: be with Jesus; become like Jesus; and change the world.

The Well

The Well is our online platform where aim to spark spiritual formation through the study of scripture, video content, various lessons, and discussions.  The Well connects The Brook family members in areas of spiritual formation, leadership development, and cultural engagement through sourced and curated content to help lead The Brook family to look more like Jesus Christ.

Ultimately our desire to mature to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and change the world will be partly achieved through the resources that we offer on The Well. To take a course click the link below.