The OWN Campaign

The Own Campaign is our concentrated effort to take ownership for good in our generation for the ones to come. In doing so we endeavor to collect 100k stories of God's faithfulness at work, and cultivate generosity that fuels more good.

Convinced of the truth God has made us His own and compelled by the question what are the possibilities we can embrace & step into? We want to be active participants in spreading the glory and  goodness of God in our generation. In doing so we endeavor to collect 100k stories of

  • -God’s faithfulness in the lives of people
  • People’s generosity to further good & love well
  • The church living out her identity as refuge of rest, agents of
    renewal, and ambassadors of the kingdom of God.

Be a story. Be a blessing.

Believing that the moment is now to increase intentionality and presence together for God's glory & our neighbors' good.

A vision our size carries a significant cost. We want to raise $600k as a cornerstone for that vision. It will currently go towards these three key dynamics:
Establish Our Headquaters
Internal Ministry Expansion
External Community Renewal

Ways To Contribute To OWN

Give Online

We’re all on a generosity journey where we are growing into our belief that God calls us to a generous life because He wants something for us, not something from us. To give online use the link below. (Not available on mobile or tablet)

Give In Person

To give in person during our Sunday Gathering feel free to place your gift in the giving box located in the foyer of the theater or on the stage before or after our Sunday Gathering.

Mail A Check

To give by mail  make all checks to The Brook Miami and send your gifts to:
1234 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami. FL 33161

Own three year commitment pledge

We prayerfully ask that you join us as we OWN good in our generation for the ones to come.