In the book of Mark, we see crowds mentioned nearly forty times before chapter 10. Here's the thing though, crowds form audiences for Jesus’ teaching and they are the object of his compassion. However, being a part of the crowd around Jesus is not the same thing as being committed to Jesus.

Often times the crowds were just there to spectate, sometimes they were in the way as people were trying to get to Jesus. What I loved though is that Jesus still met them. For us at The Brook Church we too want to meet people, we want to minister to people but we also want to see those people move from being in the crowd to being committed. Click the link below to join our family.

Become An Anchor

Family is at the heart of the gospel and the heart of the people of God. Understanding that shapes everything, in particular how we think and operate regarding service. Because the church is more than a mission agency, a nonprofit, or any other organization geared for good, we operate with an ethic of servant leaders not volunteers. With the church, there are no professionals, just family serving and leading together to grow and
change the world.


Baptism is important because it identifies the Christian with Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection. It also identifies us with all Christians for all times in both the local and universal/historical church.

Baptism is a picture of what has taken place in our lives. In Christ we are now dead to sin, but now alive, raised to life in Christ Jesus. Click the link below if you are interested in getting baptized.

Family Dedication

We want the children that walk through the doors of The Brook Church to understand and believe from a young age that there is nothing better in life than Jesus and from there we desire to see our kids walk faithfully with Jesus every day of their lives. To dedicate your child to God click the link below